Sunday, October 02, 2005

Decan political art 4a: the poster reads, roughly, "the Hague should not have [Prime minister] Ramush Haradinaj, but Kosovo should".

[Updated on the 14th of January 2007]

WARchild translates it thus: 'It says Hague doesn't need Ramush, but Kosova does. Implying that he was a good PM.'

The graffiti tags include the Serbian paramilitaries, "[Arkan's] Tigers" and Albanian paramilitaries, "AKSh (Armata Kombetare Shqiptare) [ANA (Albanian National Army)]" and "LKCK (Levizja Kombetare per Clirimin e Kosoves) [NMLK (National Movement for the Liberation of Kosovo)]".

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